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Parent and Child Placement

Parental Monitoring and Assessment

Positive Parenting

Childcare Training

Parent & Child Placement

This serves as our main accommodation provision to vulnerable young parents and their children within a supportive local community setting where parents can live with comfort, learn and acquire basic skills which enable them to nurture their children and live an independent and fulfilling life.

Parental Monitoring & Assessment

All the key National Minimum Standards will be assessed and all outcome areas will be assessed except for enjoying and achieving as there are no standards specific to this outcome area for Residential Family Centres.

This exercise is done in negotiation with local authority professionals prior to and during assessments. The average duration is 12 weeks where we observe behaviour, record situations and collate a transparent assessment by identifying a parent’s strengths and weaknesses. The support is mainly based on presenting evidence thus minimising assumption where practicable. Assessments reports are made through agreement with social services to see if the desired outcomes are being met.

Positive Parenting

This is our main key of assessment which we use in all our areas of support programmes. We use attachment theory that helps young parents to bond and nurture with their children.

Most of the parents become vulnerable in many ways of life e.g. through domestic violence, child abuse or neglect in their own childhoods hence they lack parental love. This has contributed greatly to their lack of understanding of the needs of their own children or lack of complete positive parenting information and guidance. As a result of this Chariteens will be working in partnership with Rebecca Cheetham Children’s Centre to provide trained staff to deliver positive parenting programmes to assess and assist parents.

Childcare Training

Caring for children is one of the most important, rewarding but challenging careers. There is a diverse range of opportunities all of which offer interest and growth and all of which will allow parents to make a difference in the precious lives of their children. This programme is designed to give parents the basic childcare. It serves as an avenue that contributes effectively to positive outcomes focus for parenthood. Good training plays a vital part in both their success and enjoyment and gives an essential foundation to their development.