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Chariteens will accept referrals from the:

Vacancies can be communicated via the phone or email to the centre. If after the initial conversations the clients meet our admission criteria a referral form will need to be completed.

The placing authority should return the completed Referral form together with any other appropriate documentation to the Manager.

Supporting documentation should include: Referring Social Worker’s assessment report (stating clearly the objectives of the referral or a copy of the Care Plan) Medical History, Social History, Psychological /Psychiatric reports, Court Proceedings, also previous convictions list, and any other reports, which may be suitable/required.

The parent/s may be required to visit the centre before a final decision of admission can be made. These visits should include the parent/s social worker and significant others.

There will be an interview with the manager and the parent/s to confirm and assess their commitment to the services offered to them.

If a place is offered the placing authority will have to sign a placement agreement.