Building a better
future together

About Us?

Chariteens works with experienced, professional dedicated team to support you in reversing the negative effects of social exclusion. We shall support you by equipping you with the skills, knowledge and motivation necessary to reach your full potential and make a positive contribution to your community. Throughout your time with us you will receive support and guidance through key working sessions offered by our staff for your personal development and wellbeing.

Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to provide you and your child with a safe, secure and comfortable accommodation. This will help you to develop good parenting skills and establish higher family functioning to enable you to provide an environment in which your child is healthy, safe, and where you make a positive contribution to achieve the assessed outcomes. We work with the local community and together we will support you to fulfil the requirements within the ‘Every Child Matters’ programme with 24/7 support.

We will provide the highest quality care and support you with the aim to improve outcomes for you and your child. Together with you, we will plan personalised sessions (carefully selected from a lot of different sessions) that focus on your needs. They will be reviewed from time to time and you will have a say. At Chariteens we encourage you to voice your views, feelings and choices and we promise to listen to you and take your views into account when supporting you.

We will consult and work with others who care about you and those involved in safeguarding you and your child by providing personal development plans for the best possible care and ultimately reintegrating you into the community.

You will be supported by carefully selected, well trained and experienced staff to meet the challenges of day to day quality service, including government policy and organisational changes.

We aim to deliver value for money by exercising and promoting best practice in the Health and Social Care Sector, and being responsible to our commitments and accountable for our actions, and upholding the spirit of excellence.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is we are here for you, Never give up on yourself. At Chariteens we put young parents and their children first. We aim to support young parents and provide them with childcare experiential learning skills which will help them to fully integrate into the community. The social skills they will gain will help them to be responsible and valued citizens where they are not only tolerated but celebrated by their communities.

We believe we will achieve it through positive communication and applying the principles of ‘Every Child Matters’

Key Person System

Key persons are qualified members of staff who are on site at all times. Key persons undertake observations, compile detailed recordings and support planning to assist in the assessment process. Key person systems are implemented to ensure each parent is supported by and has links with one particular member of staff, who will be responsible in providing professional support during their stay at Chariteens.

Key Person Systems are about providing individual support to the parent in their efforts to meet their needs and achieve personal goals within the mission and objectives of the centre. Chariteens values underpinning Key Person Systems which include: person-centred working, honesty, being non-judgmental, respect, consistency, promotion of rights, professionalism, anti-discrimination, empowerment and team work.

Chariteens Residential Family Centre also offers parents help with creating effective links with further and higher education resourcing and local training providers through Connexions.