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About Us?

Chariteens Residential Family Centre is situated in the London Borough of Newham and is a registered service with OFSTED. We provide accommodation, monitoring and assessments of up to six vulnerable parents and their babies or children within a local community setting.

We accept families with learning difficulties, drug, alcohol and substance misuse, and women fleeing domestic violence and vulnerable expectant mothers whose unborn babies the local authority has assessed to be at risk and support them through their pregnancy by giving information, advice and guidance.

We assess, monitor and equip parents with practical, social and emotional resilience/skills necessary to empower them to live an independent life and promote the wellbeing of children in the following: –


The Centre aims to provide a safe, secure and comfortable accommodation to parents and their babies in line with The Residential Family Centres Regulation 2002 as (Amendment) by Regulations 2013 and additional underpinning statute and guidance such as:

Our Philosophy

At Chariteens we put parents and their children first. We aim to support parents and provide them with childcare experiential learning skills which will help them to fully integrate into the community. The social skills they will gain will help them to be responsible and valued citizens where they are not only tolerated but celebrated by their communities.

We believe we will achieve it through positive communication and applying the principles of ‘Every Child Matters’

Details of Parents and Children to be Accommodated at the centre:


Age Range:

Parents :  13 years and above

Children : 0 months up to 5 years.

Maximum Number of Resident : Six (6) Families.

Referral Process

Chariteens will accept referrals from the:

Vacancies can be determined via the phone to the centre. If after the initial conversations the clients meet our admission criteria a referral form will need to be completed.

What we do?

Residential Parenting Assessment Placements

For each referral the centre receives, a risk assessment will be carried out to find out if the centre can meet the needs of the family being referred and that accepting the referral will not disrupt the stability of the families already living in the centre. The centre will ensure a placement planning meeting is held on the day of admission or no later than 72 hours for emergency placements. The centre will hold a planning meeting with the placing authority and the parents.

Parental Monitoring and Assessment

All the key National Minimum Standards and outcome areas will be assessed. The centre will work in partnership with the placing authority and other professionals prior to and during assessments. The average duration is 12 weeks where we observe behaviour, record situations and collate a transparent assessment by identifying a parent’s strengths and weaknesses. The support is mainly based on presenting evidence thus minimizing assumption where practicable. Assessment reports are made through agreement with social services to see if the desired outcomes are being met.

Get in touch?

Getting there

Contact Details

Parents or relatives

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Social Worker or Team Manager

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The Independent Reviewing Officer

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Children’s Rights Officer

020 82117813

Children’s Commissioner

084 48009113

The local police

0208 3401212

Young people’s Legal Centre

0171 3596251

National association of young people in care

0171 226710

NSPCC help line

0800 800 500

Child line

0800 1111

Child line in Care

0800 88 4444

Voice of the child in care

0808 800 5792

OFSTED- Chief Inspector

0300 123 1231

Safeguarding Adult Team

0208 430 5698

Newham LSCB (LADO)

0203 373 1356