Chariteens Residential Family Centre provide a number of onsite and offsite support services tailored to meet the individual needs of each family. These include individual and group sessions based on a range of topics, such as Child Development, Positive Parenting and Domestic Violence. We also offer parents help with creating effective links with training, further and higher educational resources.

We work in close partnership with with our local Children’s Centres  to provide a range of offsite and outreach services including Stay and Play Sessions, Sensory Room Play, Health Promotion Sessions and Sleep Routine Workshops.

We also work in partnership with local communities in reducing social and economic inequalities as identified.

A range of specialist clinical services are also available onsite, which are provided by The Therapeutic Consultants group:

  • Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy
  • Therapeutic Parenting Sessions
  • Parent-Infant Bonding Sessions
  • Drug and Alcohol Counselling
  • Psychiatric Assessment, diagnosis and treatment.